TIDAL WAVE/Ploesti – Call For Questions

I’m deep into writing the script for my documentary right now and I need your help. With the massive original research I’ve done at the US National Archives, USAF Historical Research Agency, Air Force Museum, Romanian archives, German Bundesarchiv, British National Archives and Imperial War Museum, interviews with participants, etc., etc., etc., I have FAR more information than could ever fit into a film documentary.

This documentary is for you–since I’ve done the research, obviously I already know the story. The point is that to be useful, this doc must first answer your “burning questions” about the mission.… Read the rest

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Research Update/Status

Deep research for my TIDAL WAVE/Ploesti documentary continues, but is hopefully, finally, drawing to a close. When I committed to myself at the start of this project to "leave no stone unturned," I had no idea how long or how expensive that task would be. It’s been a ton of fun, but ye gods, I’ll be glad to have this wrapped up!


Official Romanian Bombfall Plot Maps

I’ll get to more details in a moment, but thought you might first enjoy seeing one of the official bombfall plot maps the Romanian government required each refinery company to compile from the day after TIDAL WAVE until the end of the war.… Read the rest

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Status Update

Long-delayed update on my documentary’s progress:

First, it’s not done yet (damn). However, the research portion is very nearly at end and I’m actively working on the script, visuals, graphics, etc.

I’ve recently obtained another 4,000+ pages of original documents from the US National Archives, British National Archives, and German Bundesarchiv that, among other things, clarify to a great extent who the major national players in the planning for the attack on Ploesti were, and especially their attitudes, recommendations, and decisions.… Read the rest

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Accurate TIDAL WAVE B-24D List

Lists of TIDAL WAVE B-24Ds have been published in the past.  However, once I started evaluating them it was clear serious inaccuracies were present.  The extensive B-24D list at the link below is the result of assessing more than 450 official documents of various types along with a number of crewmember diaries, letters, and articles.

While not every single data element is confirmed in every detail (as described on the linked page), this is the most accurate list ever published.  To be clear, while I know a lot I certainly don’t know everything. … Read the rest

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What The Axis Knew In Advance (Teaser)

I found and had declassified a formerly TOP SECRET report that lays out, in detail, what the Luftwaffe Signal Intelligence Service (specifically W-Leit Südost, Referat C, and Chi-Stelle) knew in advance of the TIDAL WAVE mission, and what they knew and did on the day of the actual mission.

It turns out they knew quite a lot–and it didn’t require spies in Cairo (although they certainly existed) or a “stay behind” team hiding in a wadi outside Benghazi, as speculated in certain publications. … Read the rest

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Partial Bibliography Posted

Partial (much less than 1%) bibliography posted here.… Read the rest

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B-24 Maintenance Training Films DVD – Now Shipping!

Now you can watch the same training films on B-24 maintenance that World War II mechanics watched!

My digitally-enhanced versions of these six films are now available on one DVD, which is available now. Read more here…Read the rest

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Quick TIDAL WAVE Documentary Update

About a week ago I received a huge dump of contemporary (original) Romanian and German documents related to TIDAL WAVE. All these docs are in the Romanian or German language, and since I don’t speak either language, I’ve been working 15-16 hour days since the pile arrived to get them translated.

Not to overstate the situation, but this document dump is proving to sort of like the “Wikileaks” of the Axis side TIDAL WAVE. Very, very good stuff.

Before this hoped-for-but-not-really-expected treasure trove arrived, I’d been racing to get everything finished and on the street before 1 August 2013, the 70th anniversary of the Ploesti attack.… Read the rest

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America’s Secret Plan To Confuse The Ploesti Defenses

Romanian citizens reported being attacked by “Soviet” bombers shortly after midday on Sunday, August 1st, 1943.  They can be excused for their confusion.

The B-24 Liberators of Operation TIDAL WAVE that penetrated Romanian airspace to attack the oil refineries at Ploesti that day in fact wore a bewildering variety of American national insignia.  How this came about is an interesting story.

Read more here.… Read the rest

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Tidal Wave Documentary Update

Been a while since I updated you on what’s been going on with the Tidal Wave/Ploesti project. Don’t let my lack of communication imply that I haven’t been busy, however!

This documentary is about more than just Tidal Wave mission execution—although that is certainly one of the main sections. “War stories” about what the men on Tidal Wave experienced can be found all over the place, whether firsthand accounts from actual participants or secondhand or third-hand hearsay.

This will not look like a typical History Channel or Discovery documentary, with a fairly superficial story line delivered by numerous “talking heads” speaking one or two sentences each before disappearing.… Read the rest

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