9th AF Entertainment – Movies

I’ve been going through a bunch of 9th AF (IX Bomber Command) crewmen’s diaries and decided to list the entertainment movies they saw from January to the end of July 1943. I doubt this is a complete list and I think some of the titles are wrong or misspelled, but hope it interests you to see the entertainment air and ground crews saw.

The dates are direct from the individual diaries. The movies would have “made the rounds” of the various units and obviously been shown on different dates at different units.

If you live in the US you can see some of these old movies on the Turner Classic Movies (TCM) channel. They may occasionally show up on other channels too.

Shylock 19 Jan
My Smiling Gal 18 Apr
Whispering Ghost 23 Apr
Yank in Libya 28 Apr
The Hard Way 3 May
The Vivacious Lady 8 May
King’s Row 11 May
Casablanca 14 May
Wake Island 21 May
Hunchback of Notre Dame 25 May
Tale of Two Cities 27 May (wind blew down screen)
Grand Central Murder 28 May
Westerners 31 May
Rio Rita 1 Jun
Sailors Three 3 Jun (British film)
White Cargo 3 Jun
Victory at Stalingrad 6 Jun
Desert Victory 6 Jun
Sweetye Girl (sp?) 21 Jun
Love Crazy 22 Jun
Stage Door Canteen 24 Jun
I Got ‘Em Covered (You Got Me Covered?) 27 Jun
You Can’t Fool Your Wife 29 Jun
They Got Me Covered 2 Jul
Boys From Syracuse 4 Jul
Allegheny Uprising 6 Jul
Unexpected Father 8 Jul
Jackass Mail 10 Jul
Gallant Lady 13 Jul
Mission: Spitfire 15 Jul
Mr. V 16 Jul
It Happened At Flatbush 18 Jul
Tortilla Flats 22 Jul
Panama Lady 24 Jul
10 Men From West Point 26 Jul
I’ll Find You Somewhere 28 Jul
That’s Right, You Are Wrong 30 Jul


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