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Why “Thar She Blows (Again)” Did NOT Go To Ploesti

Literally every book on TIDAL WAVE claims B-24D-30-CO 42-10127, a verified Ploesti participant, was named either “Thar She Blows” or Thar She Blows (Again).

The confusion comes initially from the 93rd Bomb Group’s 1 July 1943 letter listing the nicknames for all 93rd ships in the desert, which states 42-40127 was named “Thar She Blows.” Further confusion has arisen since it’s conclusively documented that Capt Chuck Merrill flew 42-40127 to Ploesti, and he’d previously flown a ship named “Thar She Blows.” Official letter and all that, right?… Read the rest

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NEED YOUR HELP: POWs Forced To Disarm Bombs?

To the TW researcher community:

I found a (postwar) account from a TIDAL WAVE veteran who was badly burned in the crash of his ship just outside Ploesti.  He stated that just-captured TW prisoners of war (presumably the bombardiers, who would have been the only crewmen with the technical knowledge) were forced to disarm time-fused bombs in  Ploesti.  Since his German captors had refused him medical treatment at the time this incident purportedly occurred (he didn’t receive medical treatment until turned over to the Romanians about 72 hours after his capture).… Read the rest

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TIDAL WAVE B-24D Decal Set Preferences – FINAL Survey

My TIDAL WAVE B-24D decal sets are getting much closer to completion.  However, there are about 45 aircraft that I could include these decal sets, but that’s obviously too many!  I need your help deciding exactly which ships to include.

There’s some really cool nose art here.  But be aware, some of the “favorites” people have mentioned earlier are not included!  They are omitted for one of three reasons:

  1. If no known photos exist of the airplane’s nose art.  The prime example is Addison Baker’s “Hell’s Wench.”  Yes, I know an IPMS-USA national convention from years ago included a couple of “possibilities” for this nose art, but there were (and are) no photos of this plane. 
Read the rest
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Large New Update

It’s been quite a while since my last update and some of you may have been thinking the documentary is on hold or abandoned. Absolutely not!

I’ve unearthed a massive amount of previously unseen official information related to the TIDAL WAVE attack in Romanian, German, and British archives, and I’ve found several never-before-seen photo archives that include amazing TIDAL WAVE imagery.

A tiny snapshot of the new documentation includes:

  • Exact number of flak guns that faced the American attackers.
Read the rest
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The Problems With Diaries, Photos, And Memory

The Problems With Diaries, Photos, And Memory

If you’ve been following this project for any time you’re already aware that I put little emphasis on postwar reminiscences. The entire premise of my research has been to use as much original documentation as possible.

Cascading problems of accurate documentation confront every historian. This is a problem in TIDAL WAVE research primarily because so little 376th Bomb Group documentation survived.

Even original diaries written within a day or two of the event can cause problems when trying to determine historical facts.… Read the rest

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9th AF Entertainment – Movies

I’ve been going through a bunch of 9th AF (IX Bomber Command) crewmen’s diaries and decided to list the entertainment movies they saw from January to the end of July 1943. I doubt this is a complete list and I think some of the titles are wrong or misspelled, but hope it interests you to see the entertainment air and ground crews saw.

The dates are direct from the individual diaries. The movies would have “made the rounds” of the various units and obviously been shown on different dates at different units.… Read the rest

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Loyalty Among Senior Officers

Loyalty among senior officers involved in TIDAL WAVE turns out to be a major part of the story, based on what I’ve uncovered during my research. I urge you to read the article at the link below to get a similar story that you’ll be able to relate back to TIDAL WAVE when you see my documentary.

If you personally have served as a military officer in any service in any country you’ll know instantly what I’m talking about because this loyalty has always existed everywhere men fight and you’ll have observed it or even been involved .… Read the rest

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TIDAL WAVE Model Airplane Decal Sets Survey

I’m thinking about producing a series of brand-new decal sets related to the research I’ve been doing on the TIDAL WAVE/Ploesti operation. Note–this is not a definite commitment on my part to actually do this, but I’m considering it and need your guidance.

These decal sets would produced to the same high standard as my other sets, likely in the PYN-ups Decals line with their photographic-quality nose art decals, and possibly a set or two the Cutting Edge line.

This is also a chance for you to let me know if there are other subjects (beyond TIDAL WAVE) you’d like me to create–just put your suggestions in the comments section.… Read the rest

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Romanian Pronunciation Guide

Romanian is a Romance Language and therefore somewhat related to French. However, their words are pronounced quite differently from what we in the English speaking world might expect. Therefore, I’ve asked a friend of mine who was born and raised in Romania to record a pronunciation guide for the most common words we might see related to TIDAL WAVE.

You’ll see a list of words, primarily place names but others as well. You will be able to click on each one to hear a native Romanian-speaker correctly pronounce it.… Read the rest

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Progress Update


It’s been quite a long time since I updated you on the status of my TIDAL WAVE/Ploesti documentary, and I assure you I’ve been working diligently. It’s not done yet, but I’m getting much closer to putting it on the street.

This update is a very long since it’s been quite a while since I last communicated with you so I’ve broken this up into several sections. Here’s what I’ll cover:

  • The “big deal” that’s kept me motivated to keep going on this long and very expensive project
  • Why only 56 bombs out of 260 (22%) carried to the 98th Bomb Group’s target (WHITE IV) actually fell on the target–as an example of the kind of research and analysis I’ve been doing
  • What the German and Romanian flak locations in the Ploesti area looked like, the flak coverage the crews had to fly through (good thing they didn’t see the map in advance!), where specific planes crashed in relation to the flak, etc.–as another example of my recent research and analysis

These are barely the tip of the iceberg, but all I’m going to talk about today!… Read the rest

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