B-24 Maintenance Training Films DVD

Watch the same training films B-24 Liberator ground crews (maintenance men) watched during World War II!

This is where you get to see–in digitally enhanced form–the six training films the USAAF produced in 1942 to train B-24 mechanics. Running time is a full 95 minutes for the entire training program. It’s fascinating to see the mechanics actually working on and checking out the B-24. Unless you’ve personally worked on a Liberator, this is the first time you’ll what these talented men did to keep the big bombers flying.

The DVD is coded for ALL regions, so it will play no matter where you live.

The DVD case looks like this:

You cannot fully understand what happened at Ploesti/TIDAL WAVE without a clear appreciation of the near-miracles performed by the ground maintenance crews in North Africa before the mission.

I’ve been studying this stuff for years and have interviewed many former B-24 line chiefs, crews chiefs, radio men, engine men, etc. However, until I obtained and watched the USAAF’s official training films about maintaining the B-24D, I didn’t really understand important details about the work these men did.

This is exciting stuff for the heavy bomber and B-24 Liberator buff.

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I’ve digitally enhanced the visual and audio components of the Army Air Forces’ six full-length films on B-24D Liberator maintenance, and they look really good.  Remember that this is a DVD and not Blu-Ray.

The six official films I’ve digitally enhanced for this collection are:

  • Preflight Inspection Of the B-24D – The Crew Chief
  • Preflight Inspection Of the B-24D – The Radio Mechanic
  • B-24D 50 Hour Inspection – Airplane in General
  • B-24D 50 Hour Inspection – Electrical and Ignition System
  • B-24D 50 Hour Inspection – Engines and Propellers
  • B-24D 50 Hour Inspection – Fuel and Oil Systems

These films were produced in late 1942, and are apparently the only training films the USAAF produced for large aircraft (until the B-29). The films state that "although for the B-24, these techniques are similar for all large bomber and transport aircraft."

I’m pleased to report the film quality is excellent, although WW II film can never look as good as modern high-definition video. The original print of one of the films is not quite up to the standard of the others, but I’ve cleaned it up and it now looks great. Digital enhancement makes the images even better than the original film.

I’ve also cleaned up the soundtracks a considerable amount. The original music is God-awful, and has mostly defied enhancement. Thank goodness music only appears at the very beginning and end of each film. On one film the complete original audio is literally indecipherable; however, I’ve cleaned it up to the point where you can understand what they’re saying. Audio on the other films is good, however.

These are historically important films, and a must for every Liberator buff!

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Note: Unlike Blu-Ray, which plays the same on all TV/BD player combinations, the way DVDs display is highly dependent on your particular TV/DVD player combination and the way your TV screen display preferences are set. As irritating as this is, it’s common to ALL DVDs, not just this one, especially if your DVD play is a low-end model.

From testing, I can verify this DVD plays normally on most TV/DVD player combinations and also on the Macintosh and PCs, but some older TVs and some older DVD players may display the screen image as too wide or too narrow. You’ll still be able to watch the DVD, but may need to adjust your TV settings to see a "normal" picture.

Most TVs and DVD or Blu-Ray players that are less than two years old contain circuitry that normalizes the screen display.

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