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If you’re a serious museum-quality scale modeler and are interested in some pretty cool TIDAL WAVE B-24D markings decals, I have a few of the following decal sets available. PYN-up Decals are universally acknowledged as the finest scale model aircraft decals ever produced, and feature photo-realistic nose art markings. These decal sets are intended for experienced modelers only, and are sure to make your model the centerpiece of admiration in any collection of models.

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1/48 Scale


PYN-up B-24 Ploesti Heroes #1. Of the many, many famous Liberators that participated in the famous low level bombing mission against the oil refineries at Ploesti, Romania, one of the most famous (or infamously maligned) was Lt Brian W. Flavelle’s B-24D-70-CO "Wongo Wongo" from the 513 BS/376 BG. Wongo and her crew are fully entitled to be called "Ploesti Heroes" even though they did not make it to Ploesti. It was the lead aircraft of the second section in the 376th Bomb Group formation enroute to Ploesti. The victim of a significant historical inaccuracy (some would say cover up), the less than expected results of the first wave of B-24s at Ploesti was attributed at the time by the Air Force to the loss of this crew, which was purported to the the "lead plane" carrying the "lead navigator." For unknown reasons, just short of the island of Corfu south of the east coast of Greece, Wongo stalled, then dove into the sea and exploded. Although the historical record shows Flavelle and his young navigator were the LEADs for the entire formation and therefore caused the various screw-ups that occurred later, this has been thoroughly debunked by both Colonels Keith Compton (376th commander) and John Kane (98th commander) in later years. In a 2000 interview, Compton clearly stated he flew the mission lead plane with Brigadier General Uzal Ent, the mission commander, aboard, and that he in fact led the entire mission under General Ent’s orders. The full story of this pathetic episode is told in the instruction sheet. The second Ploesti hero is B-24D-65-CO, 566 BS 389 BG, "Fightin’ Sam," flown by Capt Tom Conroy. "Sam" was nearly brand-new ship when the Ploesti mission occurred, and this decal set allows you to model it as flown to Ploesti and with several major versions of later markings.

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1/72 Scale


PYN-up Decals B-24 Ploesti Heroes #1. B-24D-65-CO, 566 BS 389 BG, Fightin’ Sam, Capt. Tom Conroy, Ploesti, Rumania, 1 August 1943; B-24D-70-CO, 513 BS, 376 BG, Wongo Wongo, Lt Brian W. Flavelle, Berka 2, Benghazi, Libya, 1 August 1943.





22 Responses to Specialist Scale Model Decal Sets

  1. Bob J. says:

    How about some more decals Dave, like my favorite ” Thundermug” and “Brewery wagon” ? Actually, any more aircraft that took part in that historic raid would be nice!

    • DHK says:

      Hi Bob

      Extremely good idea. I’m considering it right now.


    • GARET L. SANDBERG says:

      Yes!!! Let’s keep asking for BREWERY WAGON and THUNDERMUG,AND WE JUST MAY GET RESULTS.Thank you for asking also.

      • DHK says:

        Hi Garet

        Brewery Wagon is definite (provided I decide to do the decals). I’ve got a great color photo of the artwork. I’m considering Thunder Mug (two words), but I’ve only got one photo of the nose art and it’s extremely poor quality.

        I’m also considering quite a few other TIDAL WAVE ships.

        In fact, I’ve spent 30 hours yesterday and today (yep, 15 hours each day, and my eyes are really crossed now) organizing B-24 photos. I have way more than 5000 B-24 photos, though obviously only a small subset of them are TIDAL WAVE veterans. I should mention that I do not consider any aircraft that turned back from the mission a TW veteran, regardless of whether they got sortie credit. Nonetheless, I’ve got at least one photo of about 150 B-24s that accomplished the mission. Some of the photos are really excellent and some really poor. I’ve got at least another 15 hours work to sort through this group to pick the ones I want to memorialize in decal form. Then of course we have to get all the decal artwork done, the sets printed, etc., etc.

        I will probably do all the group commander aircraft–


        . I’d love to include the 93rd’s command ship but I’ve never seen a photo of the plane and can’t find a pic on the internet or in any of the dozens of books I have on the subject. I know several decal companies and at least one artist have portrayed this ship and I’d love to know where they got their photos. Can you help with this?

        A number of other crews had especially remarkable experiences at Ploesti and I’m considering these as possible subjects. Finally, you know how much I love fancy nose art so I’m looking at the ships that carried great artwork too.


        • Chris Bryant says:

          You aware of the National Guard painting of Hell’s Wench? I have no idea if it’s accurate. Not much nose art.

          • DHK says:

            Hi Chris

            Yes, but the problem is that only artistic renderings of what Hell’s Wench “might” have looked like exist. I’m not convinced the ship actually carried artwork because it was the second NEWEST B-24D to participate in the TIDAL WAVE attack. It arrived in North Africa with a replacement crew less than two weeks prior to the mission, which didn’t leave a lot of time for nose art to be applied–especially during such a busy time.

            Of course, some combat aircraft received nose art (some of it quite fancy) before leaving the United States, the crew believing they’d actually fly that specific ship in combat. Unfortunately for nearly all of them, the plane was taken away once they arrived at their operational unit and given to a more experienced crew. This may have been the case with Hell’s Wench, but nobody–literally nobody–knows for sure.

            Careful examination of 93rd Bomb Group archives, photo albums, and veterans’ diaries and reminiscences reveal literally nothing about this ship. No photos. No descriptions of nose art. In fact, no mention of this specific ship having any name whatsoever until after the mission. I cannot pin down where the name was originally noted, or by whom.

            You probably know IPMS-Columbus included decals for Hells’ Wench in their IPMS-USA Nationals decal sheet from the 1990s. That sheet shows the name in two completely different arrangements. One is simply both words on a single line. The other is the more commonly seen version with “Hell’s” written in an arc over “Wench,” which is on a straight line. Checking with a couple of people tangentially involved in that project indicates nobody there knew what the nose art looked like or even whether any nose art was carried.

            Dave Klaus

  2. Pierre Brosseau says:

    I hope you will, I always had special interest for Tidal Wave. I have been looking for a long time for decals in 1/48 for a/c that made it back to Libya, in both color ( od and ds ) Let me know if and when you do go ahead with it, i will be among the first to buy it.

  3. John Wilson says:

    I’m with pierre on that one. Come on Dave, let’s have lots of Tidal Wave Decals, they’re sure to be a best seller with the additional interest that all your hard work has raised for the mission.

    • DHK says:

      Hi John

      I’m still considering it. Agreed, it’s a very good idea.


  4. Dave Sherpey says:

    Love the decals.
    I would like to see in 1/72 and 1/48 scale.
    “Lady Be Good”
    Any possible chance?

    • DHK says:

      Hi Dave

      Thanks for your kind comment. Lady Be Good is a good idea, although of course she was lost before the TIDAL WAVE mission. I’ve seen photos of the crash site that claim to show the nose art (name), but I could never actually see it in them. Have you seen pics that show the style of the name?


      • Dave Sherpey says:

        The name “Lady Be Good” was done in script on the aircraft right side only and in white color. the number 64 was also in script (not block) so finding decals is almost impossible. Decals have to be special made (I’m willing to buy 1/72 scale). The numbers on the tail were block black. Overall the Lady was pretty non-descript with no fancy art work what so ever. Her basic paint scheme was desert sand (not pink) and grey undersides.

        • DHK says:

          Hi Dave

          As you know, Lady Be Good was not a TIDAL WAVE/Ploesti veteran, having been lost prior to 1 Aug 43. I’ve seen photos of the wreck and there’s some suggestion the name may have been in yellow rather than white. What is your source for the white color? Agreed the script aircraft numbers are a problem to replicate; I’m going to release a number of TIDAL WAVE decal markings sets in the next few months. Unfortunately it won’t include LBG for obvious reasons, but you might find other useful markings on some of the sheets.

          Dave Klaus

  5. Dan Gerstenlauer says:

    I am looking for decals in 1/48th for Henderson’s plane, “4Q2” from the 44th “Flying Eight Balls. is there such a set? Or will I have to make it up on my own? Thanks-Dan G.

    • DHK says:

      Hi Dan

      I just discovered that my http://www.Low-Level-Ploesti.org website stopped sending me alerts that somebody has posted a comment. Your interesting note from four months ago (!) has unfortunately fallen into that category, for that I apologize–I have no idea why my alerts stopped. Please be assured that my lack of response does not indicate a lack of interest!

      You’ll have to make your own, but luckily the markings are VERY simple. My photos are currently in deep storage while I’m selling my current house and moving to a new place, but I’m certain the only markings were “4 Q 2″ in 6” thin-stroke white letters on the nose and the code letter “G” in white on both outsides of the vertical fins (in addition to the national markings and yellow serial number, of course).

      I can’t recall off the top of my head, but the ship may well have had the 44th Bomb Group’s “Flying Eightballs” insignia on the left side of the nose (only). I know my photos show whether it was present, so if you can’t find this elsewhere let me know and I’ll confirm when I get access to my pics again. As a 67th BS ship the nose of the bomb would have been yellow, the squadron color. This marking has been very primitively produced by a couple of decal manufacturers over the years, but would not be hard to hand paint.

      Again, sorry about the long delay in answering your note.


  6. Carl F Root Jr says:

    How about the decals for “Sad Sack” SS# 42-40208

    • DHK says:

      Hi Carl

      I’ll certainly consider it. We’re going to make some 1/48 & 1/72 TIDAL WAVE decal sets in the next few months, so stay tuned.


  7. John Reisinger says:

    Does anyone make decals for the B-24H planes that Col. James M. Stewart flew? Specifically, ‘Nine Yanks And A Jerk’ and ‘Maie Call’. Please let me know if you are going to make them in the near future.

    Thank you, sir.
    John Reisinger

    • DHK says:

      Hi John

      Iliad Designs made 1/72 decal markings for “Nine Yanks And A Jerk” and “Male Call” (not Maie Call), but I’m not sure they’re still available. I have no idea how accurate the markings are. I am not aware of anybody that’s done them in 1/48, but of course there’s no 1/48 B-24H kit anyway.


  8. GARET L. SANDBERG says:

    Likewise another Ploesti Raider follower of interest,who would like to see you produce ”BREWERY WAGON” in both 1/72 and 1/48. PLEASE?

  9. Jerry Mierzwa says:

    Another vote for Brewery Wagon here and may be Chattanooga Choo Choo in 1/48 and 1/72

    • DHK says:

      Hi Jerry

      Brewery Wagon is a definite; CCC still in consideration. I’ve got excellent b/w & color photos of Brewery Wagon, and the decal artwork really matches the photos.

      Thanks for letting me know.


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